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4.0 stars | 112 reviews
rosewell gold, silver and coins
4.0 stars | 112 reviews
Roswell Gold, Silver & Coin, LLC

North Georgia`s Gold and Silver Center

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akshay agashe
2 weeks ago
This was my first time into the world of coins. I went into the shop with an intention of buying silver coins. With some basic online study I went into the shop and Greg was super helpful with a lot of questions I had about...
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Benjamin von Cramon
1 month ago
I worked with Scott, who spoke directly and with knowledge about the variety of silver coins I brought in. He was perfectly professional, but then even pleasant and interesting as he helped me appreciate the various...
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Jeremy Green
2 months ago
Amazing and honest service in a business where it’s easy to trick people. I am grateful for Carey’s help today
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Chris Kelly
4 months ago
Easy, fair, and quick.
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Daniel Gilbreath
4 months ago
Super professional, very knowledgeable, and very friendly. I went in not knowing a bunch about coins and he was able to help sort through what I had.
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Rachel Ferguson
5 months ago
Great place to buy/sell gold- good people that work there that are very helpful!
A display of gold coins in individual sleeves.

Coin Dealer in Roswell, GA

Welcome to Roswell Gold, Silver & Coin, LLC, where the world of numismatics meets unrivaled service and excitement! Our coins aren't just collectibles; they're gateways to history, wealth, and endless possibilities. Delve into the fascinating realm of precious metals with our expert team, offering a full spectrum of collectible coins, from U.S. classics to international treasures. Unleash the joy of coin collecting with us, where every coin tells a story and every transaction is an adventure. At Roswell Gold, Silver & Coin, LLC, we're not just dealers; we're keepers of numismatic dreams.

What We Offer:

  • Collectible Coins
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum & Precious Metals

Unveiling Numismatic Wonders

Choose Roswell Gold, Silver & Coin, LLC as your premier coin dealer for an experience as valuable as the coins we offer. Our professionalism and commitment to integrity have made us the trusted choice since 2002. With a reputation forged in numismatic passion and customer trust, we provide a personalized journey into the world of coins and precious metals. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned collector, our dedicated team ensures a seamless experience. Trust us for top-notch service, expert advice, and a treasure trove of numismatic wonders. Your coin-collecting odyssey begins here — where passion meets professionalism.

Why Roswell Gold, Silver & Coin, LLC?

15+ Years’ Experience | A Lifetime of Collecting
No Additional Fees | Verbal Appraisals


A pile of silver coins
Six silver coins in individual sleeves
A display of silver coins in individual sleeves
A wall display explaining the “World of Precious Metals”

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4.0 stars | 112 reviews
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